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CORR Photos


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Where are all the photos of last weekend? I need to buy some for my sponsors. What a great experience I had racing with CORR, can't wait to race against all you single buggies again in July.



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pappawheely said:
I got some nice shots of you Greg, It just takes time to download all the pix! I'll post some tonight. Your car looks awesome.:D
Thanks Mike, we had lots of fun last weekend setting up the car for the first time. I look forward to seeing those photos!
What about cars #354 and #355? Any pictures would be great. Cant wait till rounds #3 and #4! Than we will try and do the 2nd Michigan and Crandon race. We had a blast, thanks to Maxxis Tires, Napa, Gear-1, Fox, Sign-A-Rama, Action Auto Gearboxes, VP Fuel and Volkspower Racing for the help to make the 1-2 finish possible on Sunday.


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Sounds like you had a great weekend Jeff, Good Job!!!


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