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CORR practice day video


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Who was all there? Was that Travis Coyne trying to get the handle on driving the new Pro 2? Who looked the fastest out there?


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The fastest truck was the #41. It had a Taylor-racing sticker on it but was towed by the Wide-Open Baja truck. I had a feeling that it was Welchel but I have seen Taylor drive that fast many times. Barlow and Travis both looked good but Todd LeDuc took all his corners fast and clean.


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Was that Travis or Marty driving the Pro-2 and who was in the black F-150?? Wish I could have been there. Should be an awesome season. Can't wait. Thanks for posting.

Edit........Nevermind, you answered my questions while I was typing this post. Thanks.


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Wish we could have made it out there with Lance's truck... he needs some seat/tuning time but the truck is down from a blown head gasket from the Prarie City race. Probably related to the missing freeze plug/overheating from the day before in practice!

Jason :)