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I wanted to post this to see what kind of intrest might be there. I have a pro-lite I plan to race in CORR. I was going to race the first weekend but cant because I have to take a client and his truck to the caliente 250. Do you guys think yourselves or anybody might be interested in renting my truck for that race, and if so what would be a reasonable price, also has anyone else done this before?


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i think don ponder offered a 2nd pro-lite truck for rent for 4000 a weekend last year, he was rarely taken up on it but guys paid as much as 15-20 k to rent pro-2 trucks for chula vista last fall.

see you there

kevin bedrock graves

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hey lets give it to the highest bidder, ill start off by offering a 12 pack of beer. oops, sorry i allready drank it. but serious have a bidding process.