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Cost of Renting a 4 seat razor or can am

Zac Reish

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Just like the title says. And what should I look out for.

This would be just to putt me and my family of 4 around the desert. Nothing other than g rated speeds


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I've seen them in the $400 per day range. Orange County RV Rental was one that I remember. I think there is a place near Palm Springs as well

Zac Reish

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If you guys had 20k to spend on a 4 seat utv for pre running/family/dunes would i A. be able to find anything good?
And B. What utv should I be looking for?


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You can get a 4 seat non-turbo RZR out the door for under $20k. Obviously upgrades are what they are, but it’s a pretty proven car. I’m not sold on the wheelbase of the Canam’s. That said a buddy picked one up today. I guess I will see


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spend $40k, I don't want to have to be waiting for you everywhere we go


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Just spend the $30,000 and maybe 5k more for radio/icom/tires/wheels/Helmet air.

Not worth dealing with renting - the timing, pickup,drop off etc.

Your only taking 35K and it’s only money...


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We have had plenty of fun pre running Baja in a damn near stock rzr 4 seat. probably faster from San Ignacio to Loreto than my TL was .
Only mods are good skid plate, better lateral links in the rear and of course two pcs of angle iron welded to the front tube of the lower a arms to reinforce the mildly bent part :) . broken parts so far 6 belts , 1 ruff stuff 5/8 rod end on the lower rear link (pulled apart around the race) , 1 blown up rear brake line from an oh -hit moment.
3000 miles of which 2500 are Baja pre run miles , 450 Nevada thrashing and the rest my wife went sea shelling. I am damn close to shelving my truggy project and buying a Textron or two and going racing.