Covid Masks... anyone?


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Jul 28, 2018
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Now that my wife is letting me out of the house a little bit more, I need more than my one mask... as they need washing, so if anyone smells something everywhere they go, it’s probably your mask.

(I don’t want to get into the “do masks work or not” debate. I worked with cdc, dhs, HHS for quite some time and got the inside scoop... aka wear masks but open everything up, wash your hands and don’t be a d bag, and if you’re obese and on the edge of death stay home and hit the tread mill, and if you’re still scared, that’s fine. You do you, I’ll do me)

that being said... if I’m going to spend $12 on a decent mask, or rather since I need to buy 3-4, spending upwards of that math plus our stupid new sales tax rate;

who of you folks making fun parts are selling logo’d masks to advertise for your business?

I run ADS shocks, and I don’t think they make masks. So they are out. Those guys just wrap their mullets around their mouths and call it a day.

who has some Gucci masks? Otherwise I’m getting some that have artwork of crazy mouths or maybe I’ll get some Marine Corps and thin blue line masks and really piss of the natives...