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Hi folks,

I was yesterday at the Off Road Club meeting here in La Paz, this is the club that organizes that race since 15 years and you definitely can say this is a real racing grassroot movement to put a fancy name to it. Them guy's are in for "their" race.
The Coyote 300 will be run at the 20th/21th of June here in La Paz, you can download
a race map here (large, 2mb zip). There will be lighter version of the racemap with explanation on the new website

I myself soon hit the 10 year mark here in southern Baja, 8 years of that in La Paz, I always try to integrate in a society I live, I made good friends and want to give some back to a great place to live and see tons of good motorsport over the years.
They call La Paz the world capital of off-road..... - with that in mind I build them a website and want to introduce the race to the english speaking folks and maybe in a years time somebody considers participating in it. Dont let you stop from participating this year, I just doubt somebody makes such a decision short term to come down the Baja that far

So far they have 43 entries and of course hope there will be more.
For guys that been racing it, there is a newer section in the race, (supposedly very rough and technical), and all of that stuff and any more information on the race can be found at: <- gimmi another 2, 3 days to make it nicer, I just got the domain and put the site up yesterday.

For the admin/Klaus: this is not a commercial announcement as of making $, just want to introduce the race for the future and if you read the footer on the site - not involved in other way. I hope that is cool to post here.

The picture below show the "inner circle" and the poster on wall is basically the map you can get with the link above.



Looks like things are moving good for this race - 3 days ago at the meeting been 43 vehicle entries, as of today lunchtime this is up to 76 with one week to the race so the 3 digits should be cracked for this Baja Sur Desert Race in the car classes.

The entires so far can be found at: 2009 Coyote 300 La Paz entires


Little update here and thanks to Klaus for letting me do that. Baja Sur is always been a great place to go and most of the bad press is just blown way out proportion. I mean like WAAAAYYY. :)

Anyway, the update on the Coyote 300. There are now over 100 entries and I see that I can confirm that today and post the entries list at the Coyote website.

It's is a great race and many locals prefer it even over the Dos Mares 500.


I received this after noon a whole @#$%-load full of images from scans going back some years - I guess somewhat mid-early '70 for the Coyote 300 Race.
Funny to see Sal Fish sit there.....




There are about 70some pics for now I put in the gallery.

According to the pro baja website is the number of entires now up to 113 inclusive 11 trophy trucks.


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Does anyone have any results?

Also any info on the Trophys......drivers, wins, builders, previous owners, sponsors, make of truck?


Does anyone have any results?

Also any info on the Trophys......drivers, wins, builders, previous owners, sponsors, make of truck?

I will be out at the course tomorrow all day and post afterward information and images. We plan 3 stops and see the top classes come past to move on from La Paz to the Pacific site - Los Inocentes north of Todos Santos - back over to the Sea of Cortez near Los Planes and then the finish at Tecolote Beach.

That will be our race.....;)

Will post this evening after return from event on Malecon in La Paz +/- 10:00p.m. MST- there was a communication hic-up - ah, what the heck: I screwed up to give it the right name.....

The pre-race event is TODAY - the race tomorrow.


Here some pics from today - more later, resizing for now and post them either at the Coyote or Puro Off Road site. Enjoy!!





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question for you baja sur racers.if i were to want to race out of los barreles area what can i do to get parts needed? lets say 1.25 rod ends,fox shocks,safety equipment etc. can i call kartek etc and get them to ship?
i watched a pro baja race a couple of years ago and was pretty impressed.


Guys some teasers from today s race, between the 2 Carballos and me we got about 1200 pics and 40 minutes of video + plus still wait for the images from the finish line and reports on the incident happen involving several vehicles near Inocentes. By all means we could not confirm 11 trophy trucks as announce.... The probable winner - Balazo JR. was clearly optical the fastest and smoothest at the locations I been. Cervantes looked fast also but again - where i been some out of shape and barely making it.... More when I get info's - starting the crop, watermark and upload stuff for the next hours.... pics will be at the Coyote 300 website and the Puro Off Road Gallery









There are now about 300 pics on the 2 website to view in the galleries from yesterdays race.... I work a lot by telecommuniting and had to seize "playing" with the race stuff to do some service at a client network in Europe.... darn work.... :cool:


The race overall went to Class1 Luis Ramirez in 3 hours 34 minutes 24 seconds
Trophy Truck victory Enrique “The Bullet” Murillo in 3 hours 40 minutes 57 seconds with Cervantes in second and Ernesto Valerio Gonzalez as third.
A good showing in the Class 12 by Francisco Villagomez iin a time of 3 hours 41 minutes 46 seconds, with Jaime Huerta 3 hours 47 minutes 26 second and third place Samuel Araiza 3 hours 47 minutes and 15 seconds.
This is of the local newspaper by Google translator. There was a "traffic-jam" somewhere and related to that some time delay's and we could not get the result list. Neither was the probajaonline website available since 2 days, it shows in Google search as "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"......:(

As I get today more info in I will post it over at the Coyote website as well plenty more on pics and vids to come....

Saludos from La Paz


Ok, that's the first video from yesterday - I know it's crappy but hey - just starting with that stuff. I'm sure I will improve down the line.....

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Coyote 300 - Race Results

Trophy Truck

1.- Enrique “Balazo” Murillo 3:40:51
2.- Ernesto “Neto” Cervantes 3:48:44
3.- Valerio González 3:51:53

Class 1

1.- Luis “Fito” Ramírez 3:34:24 Overall General
2.- José “Pepe” Vizcaíno 3:40:27
3.- Jay Manning 3:04:35

Class 10

1.- Jorge Molina 4:07:52
2.- Armando “Tito” Tapia 5:06:58
3.- Pendiente

Class 8

1.- Andrea Tomba 4:04:36
2.- Eduardo Gastelum 7:26:12
3.- Alfredo Carballo 9:31:35

Class 12

1.- Francisco “Chico” Villagómez 3:41:46
2.- Jaime Huerta 3:47:26
3.- Samuel “Sammy” Araiza 3:47:40

Class 7

1.- Francisco Chávez 4:06:36
2.- Hugo Sáenz 4:24:30
3.- Juan Hernández Paularena 4:33:15

Class 1600

1.- Juan Pablo Domínguez “El Zorrita” / Julio Miguel Herrera 4:57:06
2.- Domingo Jr. Ceseña “The Punisher” 5:02:00
3.- Roberto Arce 5:25:33

Class 5 Libre

1.- Héctor “Pipi” Ibarra 5:50:41
2.- Pendiente

Class 5/1600

1.- Silvino Ortega “Chivy’s Jr.” 5:48:37
2.- Bill “Amigow” Ballester 6:06:40
3.- José Juan Islas 6:12:34

Class 8 Stock

1.- Gilberto Cortés Peña 6:27:15
2.- Francisco Tamayo “Tamayósola” 6:38:44
3.- Francisco Javier Murillo 7:12:56

Class 6

1.- Eduardo Fernández 6:20:45
2.- Renán Bareño 7:05:49
3.- Silvino Ortega “El Chivys”

Class 9

1.- Jorge Green 5:58:58
2.- Alejandro Vega 6:11:52
3.- Jossio “Wahoo” Agúndez 6:23:02

Class 11

1.- León Michel Burgoing 6:38:27
2.- Luis Enrique Cataño “El Bebe” / Lorenzo Raúl González “El Patas” 6:57:05
3.- Juan Carlos Gracidas 7:39:25

Class Stock Mini

1.- Antonio “Toño” Cázares 7:18:52
2.- Abraham Careaga 7:48:10

Class Sportman Buggy

1.- Cesar Romero Zatarain 6:49:55

Class Sportman Truck

1.- Alberto Ceseña


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I just got home from this race. It was my first time going to a local race down in Cabo/La Paz. All I can say was it was an awesome time. Tons of people at contingency and during the race. Lots of nice cars and good competetion. I would like to thank Chico Villagomez for his hospitality and showing me around. I will be back down there forsure hopefully soon with my car.


200 some pics more posted

Just got another 220 or so images up from the Coyote 300 - some nice sequences in it. Did not sort them atb all... no time... still got between the Pueblo Magico and the Coyote race 2400 unpublished photos.... Manyana - I'm adapting.... roflmao

Find all at

250 meters further he went to wild and down a banking cost him at least 15 minutes to make it out of that one....

Red Bull - watch out - the red Burro is coming......


This got to be the sombrero of the race day....