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Phil Bollman, Bobby PeCoy and I made the trek from CA to WI for the 40th Crandon race. I'd like to thank Crandon and TORC for being very welcoming to us and showing us the ropes back there. The racing was pretty unreal for the pro 2 and 4's. My race weekend was decent but not what i was looking for.
Saturday's race for me started well, i was in the top 10 by the first turn. Coming to the last turn on the first lap, someone clipped me and sent me barrel rolling, landing on my wheels once again. I threw it in first and took off, only losing 1 spot. By the yellow i was 5th and looking for a top 3 finish. Since i rolled, the motor was smoking pretty bad, but none of my spotters wanted to tell me :eek: i came into the final lap with 3 turns to go and the motor blew up. My day was over and i saw a looong night ahead of me.

I'd like to thank Jeff Villemure for letting me borrow his spare motor and allowing me to race in sunday's race. I'd also like to thank Mark Steinhardt for lending me the parts i needed to finishing rebuilding the motor for sunday's race. Without these two guys helping me out i would have been out of luck.

I'd like to thank Phil Bollman for being nice enough to supply the tractor trailer and hospitality while we were out there racing.

Phil Bollman finished 2nd on sundays super buggy race, CONGRATS PHIL!

I want to thank all the guys who flew out with us to help and make working on the cars so easy.... Bruce, Donnie, Manny, Angel, Dave, and especially my family. Thanks for all the help and support needed for this adventure.

To my sponsors, none of this could have happened without their help.

Laine @ Lone Kid Racing for your help and support getting there.
Randy Wilson @ Wilson Motorsports for your generosity and undying support.
Rancho Transaxles, Rick @ Bugpack, Warren @ The Brake Man and Mike @ Wicked Creations, Jeff Black @ 12 Gauge Wiring, John @ Fox Shox, Jack @ Goodyear Tires, Greg @ Fat, Time @ Beard Seats, to all of you, you made a dream come true.

Lastly, id like to thank Marty and the Dirt Sports crew for getting us into the good seats and showing us a good time.

thanks again to all of you.

We are getting the car cleaned up and fixed to keep battling for 1st in points in the LOORS Series in Arizona. I am currently 2nd in points and am ready to take it all.

Until next time,
Jeff and Kyle Quinn


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:eek:Anybody who barrel-rolls at Crandon, lands on the rubber and hits the gas deserves Rep Power!

Mary Kay

Kyle, it was nice to meet you and some of your crew at the parade. I am glad you made it to Crandon. You made some fans here at Crandon. A student in my second hour Math class wore your shirt this week:)


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Hey Kyle and Dad,
it was a really fun trip thanks to PB racing. It was fun to watch you race and rock and roll it. Fortunately for the locals who helped out, you were able to race sunday. You did great. We really worked hard saturday night, and it looks like it was worth it. Good luck to you in future races. Have your dad give me a call. Are you racing the Torc this weekend at Perris? Hope to see you and your family soon.

Manny R.