Crandon Rolling or landrush start?


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I always loved the landrush start hearing the roar and seeing 3 wide aroung turn 1 but if we get the truck counts in pro 2 of what it sounds like 20+ I dont think it will happen. It would be really cool to have a rolling start and have the start line right in front of the fans right before the second jump. It would suck to come just for the 40th and end up wrecking your truck on saturday. Crandon has always been famous for the land rush but it might be smart to have a rolling on saturday and then go ahead and do the landrush sunday.

Anyone else wonder how the time slot is from 5-6est so 4-5 central while the borgwarner cup is at 3. Also are the going to show the pro light and pro 2 races like normal too.


I vote for land rush. Thats kind of what Crandon is all about! The land rush start hold soo much adrenalin for the fans. And if not for the sat and sun race at least for the Borg Warner race. Yeah it would suck to show up for the 40th and wreck in the first corner, but theres the risk that you will crash in the 2nd, 3rd, or last corner of the race.
Land rush seperates the men from the boys... Or the sane from insane haha but never the less a good majority of the fans are there for the crashes