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I thought I'd give a short recap of the events last weekend. First, Jen and I went last year and saw only 1 person we knew, this year was different. On friday we ran into a quite few people from out here (Kyle Taylor and the guys from Ace motorsports, Shawn Wanzek and some friends, Klaus and Paul from RDC, Bob Beyer and Dave Winner from Fabtech, Robby from Mastercraft, and Damon Block. Of course the teams that are from here, it was good to see Bill, Chuck, and Dave from Renzeder's camp, and the LeDucs and Husemans and the Bradleys. And the people we met there,Scott the announcer,Scott and Bruce(the firefighters), Brad from CORR, Leann Kincade, race promoter Doug D, Gus the tribal president, George P it was good to finally meet you (sorry we didn't get pics of your truck, I had relatives waiting in Chicago and had to get going), and 17fan, sorry we missed you.
As for the racing, it was great as usual. Sat was a let down for us because both huseman and Kyle LeDuc broke. But Curt and Carl did great. Sundays Pro-lite race looked to be THE race as the points winner for the season was either rick huseman of jeff kincade, whoever finished in front of the other person, it was that close. The first turn sent huseman barrel-rolling to the point where a new truck will be built for next year. The Borg-Warner shoot-out was some of the best racing all weekend. The pro-trucks were really out of thier element, although Jimmy Knuckles was driving like a true champ, the other drivers all seemed intimidated by the track, but my hat is off to them for coming out. I feel for the two trucks of the Johnson team. I have video of some of the highlights and Jen took about 1500 pics, all that stuff will be up soon.
Hopefully next year there will be even more people from here making the trek.