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anyone have pictures or video of car #125(teamTSCO)?? when it crashed and tore the left front off.(what happened)?? i heard the chopper was riveria's??


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TSCO car was following/racing another class 1 car in the dust. A 9 car was stopped, and in the dust, TSCO did not see it , swerved.... rolled.... If it was Riviera's helo, then Herbst was borrowing it as Riviera was not racing, and it was following Troy.........


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I find that hard to believe. they where talking about the tcs car on fire when our 12 car just got off the line. So there were no 9 cars off the line yet.
Frank they are referring to the Weyrich class one that is prepped at StewartsRaceworks. They race under TSCO motorsports. Not to be confused with The Convertor Shop TCS racing that burned to the ground..


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They are referring to the TSCO (Tube Specialties Co.) car of Weyrich. Not sure about the spelling. They were a little more fortunate than the TCS folks. They only lost the front suspension on one side, the right side I believe. And it wasn't on the first lap.

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Sorry wrong car. And I do know what it is like to hit a stopped nine car in the dust (and run over the driver) So i do know it happens.


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tsco is racing vegas to reno, they are the BITD points leaders in class 1. They overalled the last race followed by Kyle Taylor, and they were overalling Terribles Town until they rolled.