Creed Wins in Trans Am and Impresses in Xfinity at Road America


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Good article on Speedway Digest.

Will not let me copy & Paste, but if you like give it a read over there.

And another article on the Trans Am Website

In TA2, Sheldon Creed captured his first career TA2 victory in his fourth appearance behind the wheel of the No. 11 Speedlogix Dodge Challenger. Creed began the race in 12th position and worked his way up through the field and into second place over the first 10 laps of the race. Creed would then pursue the No. 34 Bestline Superior Lubricants Ford Mustang of defending race-winner Tony Buffomante for 10 additional laps before taking the lead with five laps to go.

Creed was quick to credit his background in dirt and off-road racing as a major factor given the soggy Road America conditions.

“My dirt background for sure came into play with a bunch of throttle control,” said Creed. “I’ve never really raced a car in the rain other than stadium super trucks. I had to be really mindful of the line out there and the throttle control, just getting the tires hooked up—if you spun them, you were going backwards. I just tried to settle in at the start. I followed Shane (Lewis) around at the beginning and he showed me a few things. Gar (Robinson) did the same. But they were for sure being cautious and playing the points game. Then I got in behind Tony (Buffomante), and he was fast. He pulled away for a bit, but then it got stupid slick. I capitalized on one of his mistakes and tried to keep it smooth from there on out.”

Creed hopes his success, and more importantly his road course experience in Trans Am, pays off as he continues to work his way up the motorsport ladder.

“Coming to Trans Am was all about getting more seat time on road courses,” said Creed. “I haven’t raced a ton of them in cars, it’s just seat time— it’s what you want. I’m doing Xfinity this weekend for the same reason. When you get that opportunity with a big-time ride, you want to be ready. This is a good step in the right direction.”


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showing his talent at every diverse opportunity. very hard to do. that is real skill.


I haven’t watched trans-am in a while but as I remember most of them are older gentleman racers and not so much young lions and pros. I’m not saying they aren’t passionate or competitive with each other. Has it changed?


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Qualified 14th or so at Phoenix, also announced full time ride next year in the trucks. Tv person also mentioned that Creed was "a two or three time champion in RG's SST series".

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