Cryogenic Treatment


We use the most advanced computer controlled programs to make your engine, transmission, brake pads and rotors etc… last up to twice as long, up to 50% increase in strength. Cryogenic treatment is the freezing of metals to -300 degree's for an extended period of time. This treatment can double the time between rebuilds for your performance engines and increase the strength of parts treated as much as 50%. Cryo metals are also a excellent dissipater of heat, so turbo charged and nitrous run cooler. For more information visit our website

We're located in San Diego (Oceanside) Calif. We cryo for H&M Offroad Motorsports-MDR class-7 Champions, Chris Wilson motorsports-1999 Class 8 Baja 1000 winner, Hammes Brothers racing engines- their engines won the Baja 2000 Protruck class and the Las Vegas Primm, Spirit-Racing/Race For The Children-They won the Vegas to Reno 500mi offroad and the Baja 2000 full-stock class.

Preston Young
Vice President
Cryo Science
(760) 532-3077