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Curry Fab Ranger Pics


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Hey Todd..
That truck was at Escondido ORW a few months back when they had the CODE/Fud race drawing. Pretty nice construction. A V8 in there as well.
I think the shop is in Ensenada that built it.



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Oh yeah I remember you mentioning it now that I think back. Yes curry fab is located in Mexicali.


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A V8 in a Ranger is easy to smog as long as the donor motor comes from a same year or newer vehicle as the one your transplanting it to.
alot better than I could build but the paint sceme needs some work and whats up with the aluminum wing over the back window?


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lower a- arm piviot point??bushing or heim???he's a nice guy been fabbin for years also knomn as jimco of mexico, builds,1600's,8's,7's,5's,etc,etc...lots off overalls at code races for his cars/trucks


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Just curious, I was at the whiplash midnight race this summer in Rocky Point. There was a mexican class 8 there. It was black and yellow if I remember right, really well built and even had a chrisman underneath it. It had a 2001 ford body on it, with an i beam suspension I think. I have not seen it since, and was wondering if this place built and where the truck has been running at.


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Curry has fabed some trucks that you have seeing around, like CODA's Trophy Truck (I beam suspension with chassis), Vildosola Ext Cab Ranger (Red with coilovers all around).

Also there are some buggy (1600s, 1s, 10s, 12s) that are racing sotu off Mexico an on Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, Baja South

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Check this page out, the Re Ranger and New F150 (97+) were built by Curry

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.elchineroconcepts.com/01>http://www.elchineroconcepts.com/01</A> B1k Prerun.htm

Hope that the link work

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