Custom driveshaft AZ


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Recently moved to Az (n. phoenix area) I am in need for a recommendation shop who can PROPERLY build a custom two piece driveshaft setup. Can actually take the truck cycle it and make it right. Long story short recently upgraded to 35/40 spline snouts on my current housing new axles shafts whole new strange nod third member etc etc. For some reason I cannot get more than two-three trips before the gears start to howl and whine progressively worse and worse. Most the wear seems to be on the pinion, couple of them ended up chipping the teeth very small. Ring gear show excessive wear on the face of the teeth every lost......
Last thing I can think of is something in the driveline/shaft is doing something putting pressure against it or ????? This was never a problem before with a 31 floater setup

Any help out there or recommendations? Without getting ripped off of course
Thanks guys!!