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Hey guys - I know it has beed discussed here before, but I couldn't find anything on the search.
I am looking for a set of fenders for my 89 ranger that will update it to the 98-00 body style. Easy enough you say? Just wait. I am looking for ones that have about 9" of flare PER SIDE! Yeah, yeah I hate the wider is trendy too, but this is for a mini trophy truck pretty much, and I don't want my tires sticking out of the fenders like the pics we have all laughed at in the past. I want um under the fiber like a big boy TT.
Anyways - the largest fenders I have found are perry's conversion fenders at 6" flare per side. BUT, I have his (Perry's) 9" flare bedsides and was hoping to find some fronts to match these.
Now - finally to get to my ?... Does anyone make more than a 6" flare fender that converts the 83-92 cab lines to a 98-00 front end?
If not, I have heard (this is what I was searching the forum for earlier) that if you buy 4 pairs of fenders, Tim (pretty sure it was Tim) at Glassworks will make a mold and run the fenders for you. Does anyone have Tim's contact info so I can discuss this with him? Thanks. Steve


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So you gonna buy 4 sets of fenders? What is the front suspenion setup 8-9 inch wider a side equal length beams? any pics?


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I'm thinking to get what I want I might just have to buy 4 sets. I'd try and start a trend and then sell 2 sets (keep 1 for spairs).
The truck is all tube frame with a lower a-arm, upper j-arm, 3 link rear, supercharged 3.8L (smog legal before I tore the tuck apart) and a c-6. We're in the middle of it now and it's about time to start the lower a-arm and spindle design so I need to get the fiber ASAP.
Pics - got a few. Trying to decide whether or not I should post um now or surprise you all when it's done? Any help on the descision Rob? Steve
PS - thanks Justin. I did look up glassworks #, but I was hoping Johnny B or someone would have a direct line or something to Tim.


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Pics - got a few. Trying to decide whether or not I should post um now or surprise you all when it's done?

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Steve i dont think people want to wait 2 years to see pics..........j/k


John Bitting

Steve call John Baker and talk to him, He modified some fenders for his explorer and then Tim made the molds and new fenders for him. He should know the process and cost of things. With people going so wide I dont see Tim having a problem making a mold for it. That number posted will be answered by Tim. He is usually the only one to answer the phone and is there most of the time. Johns new fenders


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perry can make the custom fenders for you. you only need to buy the first pair. it will cost a little more for custom though. if you need his number pm me.


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Thanks for all the help guys. It looks like I have some phone calls to make. I'll let you know what comes out of it.
Also - Scott - I'm taking so long on the truck so when it's done people will forget I have started it and I can surprise um
. Too bad my idea for updating my truck the the "new" body style is now the old body style - haha. Steve


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I didn't notice the like to the pic before Jonh - thanks. I forgot how sweet the wider fenders look. Do you know if John Baker got to keep the mold because he paid Tim to make it, or does Tim get to keep it?
I called Glassworks and left a message, so we'll see what happens with that. Steve


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Norcal - those are exploder fenders so they won't work, but thanks.
Kritter - that's what I was thinking but have heard otherwise and wanted to check. Steve


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if he keeps the mold then the fenders should cost the same as any other comparable fenders...there shouldnt be an additional charge since a mold has to be developed...unless you want to own the mold.

Every company I have worked for...if we charge for tooling or jigs or programming...the customer owns it.


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I have a call into Tim at Glassworks but it's been a few days and I haven't heard anything. He's probably out of town or busy.
I haven't called Perry yet, because at this point I am thinking of making my own mold and making the fenders myself. My buddy has made molds and done fiber work in the past, plus my dad is a sales rep for a resin company and can advise on how to do it right w/ gel times, and materials.
To those that PM'ed me - I will keep you posted on the outcome of the fenders, and will most likely make extra sets to sell. I have the material on order and will start looknig at mock up when I go to the shop on Sunday. Steve