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Cycling Leaf Springs


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62" Deavers on the way for the Yota, getting ready to mount them and set up the shocks. I would like to cycle the spings to ensure propper shackle angle at full droop (verticle) and make sure the shock is not fully extended, as well as making sure the spring is not completely flat or worse at full bump as well as making sure the shocks are using as much stroke as posible but not bottoming out. Any help from someone who has experience with this? I know this much, but not where to go beyond that. I would like to get it right the first time if possible.

1.Take apart the springs.
2.Tack the new front hangers.
3.Attach the main spring to the front hanger.
4.Attach the shackle to the spring.
Where do I go from here?

Thanks a million.



What A Joke
If you didn't already get some new custom rear shackles there are some in the for sale board that work with exactly what you are running!

Go Big Or Go Home


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Just remember from the question about you want to run a 7 open or a 7s, if you want too run a 7s you cna only run with 75.5 leafs, and you cant run the 62's, soo or you have too run the 62's for some time and then put the 57.5's or run from this point on the 57.5's.
Just an idea

Mexican PreRunner


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Thanks for the info on 7 open / 7s rules. However I am getting information on two different trucks. The daily driver/toy/prerunner/future chase truck, will run the 62" Deavers. I am still researching class rules for the Tacoma xtra cab rolling chassi . I still haven't decided on what class to run. I checked out the BITD rules on line, that was sweet that they post that information unlike SCORE. Thanks.