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Cyril Despres coming to the Mint 400?!

Dirty Harry

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I don’t know if he is driving a Peugeot (I hope so) but I saw on the Mint 400 FB page that Cyril Despres is racing next month. I assume this came out of Matt Martelli’s visit to the start of the Dakar Rally this year. Pretty awesome, I for one am excited to see how he does and hear his impressions on American desert racing. Hopefully this is the start of more Rally raid drivers competing in the desert. I’d love to see Nassar and Loeb battling out in trophy trucks!


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Whoa! He must have quit running the Dakar just to train for this!! Assuming he's not running a bike??
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I think the Peugeot (PSA Group) aim in North America is for for clean, efficient ,'share the love' type transport in Seattle initially anyway. Dirt and Depres are probably not a goer, Peugeot want to go back to Le Mans racing? and I think I heard that PSA intended to use Opel/ Vauxhall (formerly owned by GM) for the combustion engines &old tech (in Europe) and the Peugeot / Citroens for the electrics/ hybrids & high tech vehicles.

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Be interesting to see if the cars can handle a wide variety of driving styles without effecting reliability.
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