Czech Republic


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beautiful and scary all in one!

More Czech woman Matt!! we know you got them! :)


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looks like a brain in a cage?

Something a twisted GF like my ex would have?


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I like the way the pictures are so crisp! question, which digital camera would you buy if you had 250.00. I have the cannon sd750 and I would like a new camera, I had to warrenty my camera 3 times I keep getting black spots on my screen, is there another brand you might recommend.

I know you a pro and really would like your input, just a nice compact camera that can withstands the rigor's of a 11 month old baby.

thanks in advance


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Those were taken with a Nikon D700 and a super cheap $80 samsung point and shoot.

Im not really up on P&S cams but I have my eye on the Olympus tough series since I break a lot of P&S cameras.


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I cant believe you are not sharing the pictures of the Czech girls.......I know you have em, so lets see em......I thought the most most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the places I have visited were Czech, Hungarian and from Venezuela.....