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Dakar '18 - Stage 4 - San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona


Baja Bobsled Team
Today was a complete carnage!!
t seems only the Peugeots (in facts only 3 out of 4) could handle the stage challenges.
All 3 works Toyotas lost a lot. Nasser almost 1 houtr, Giniel still fighting out there, Ten Brinke some 40 minutes.

Some "heroes" appears, as Eugenio Amos, who same as yesterday, when things got more difficult, start to shine!
I could not see any image yet, ut we are only in stage 4. For all who we asking for "old school" Dakar, here we have it!!
I agree...it has been a tough one and more tough stuff tomorrow.


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Delaunay keep Amos in check. They have good strategy of being fast, but without taking risk and not trying to start first in the first 2 days. Car works well too and Amos seems to have spent a lot of time in it and gets quicker. He did good transition from UTV to 2WD with Extreme+. Good for him. (BTW he is big money too, married to Margerita Missoni from the Missoni fashion house)


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I found out about Eugenio Amos, I knew him from other international rallies, where he had driven 2wd proto from Jaton 4wd.
this time he is riding one of the SMGs (like the one Carlos rode in 2014 if I am not wrong).
Thos e buggies are still excellent in the dunes and hard surface, and evidently Egenio also!!


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Yes he's got SMG serviced by Extreme+ side company which rent out 2WD. Same car was with him at ADDC last year and throughout the World Cup season so he's got good experience with it.

New SMG is even better, just the price tag isnt.

Chris Tobin

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Chris - their old cars were 2WD single seaters. Certainly not UTV by any stretch.
Okay, my mistake... I knew they were single seaters.... I assumed they were UTV based 4WD cars...


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Some videos on facebook now, couldnt upload them, but easy to find. Nasser stopped twice for 20 mins each with mechanical issues. Benediktas Vanagas rolled in a river bed and a whole lot of spectators helped him to put the car on its feet and proceeded with repairs. Real crazy all this.


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Yesterday was a disaster for x raid, today for Toyota.
Peugeot lost 1 out of 4.

But you are right, deep soft sand = light vehicles with big wheels in advantage.

But then you see what laveille is doing with the standard T2 Land Cruiser and I am really amazed! (still did not finished today stge)


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Sugawara is now out in his Hino. Damn, racing a truck at 76 years old in Dakar. He was stuck somewhere and organizers had to tow him...