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Dakar '18 - Stage 4 - San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona


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Not nice to see there Klajunas. Maybe consider pulling the clip and allowing people to hunt for it if they really want to see it?
this isnt even Dakar video - this is Russia, either Astrakhan or SIlk Way a year or so ago when they allowed idiot bloggers instead of real journalists. They all went out of a designated area on this dune for photo opportunities. The guy who was hit was hospitalized but got away relatively unharmed - couple of broken bones.


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Man, that thing sounds schweet!!

You can tell the 2WD suspension is really eating him up though. They are able to flat foot over things he’s lifting for.

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hard day for our driver Vanagas - 2 rear semiaxles changed, rear wheel hub broken when they fell over from the cliff, lost loads of time and they didnt drive the last part as night came in - for that they got 24h penalty. At least todays stage had two places where service was allowed - both were used :)
As for Coronel mentioned - he says that Coronel has a saying 'at least one day in a Dakar is very very hard' - this year Vanagas had 3 out of 4 very hard days :)
At least Thursday's stage went well for Vanagas, finished 14th