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Dakar '18 -Stage 5- San Juan de Marcona > Arequipa


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sold one to isreali guy who did it, but dont know what happened to him.....a 4cyl size bajalite with lsv8 power or turbo 4cyl would easily survive, and do well i think....3200pounds with 37" tires, or 40" if allowed.....ILL DO IT!!! if my new tv show is success i might be able to find some sponsors for it....
3200lbs is way heavier than you want to be.

blue dog

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It’s far from over. Everyday a new surprise.

Hay Pedro, good to see you here, even though we basically talk daily.

Bolivia right around the corner.

All the big money guys DNF and the Coronel Bros win Dakar 2018.


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I don't understanding why yazeed was doing driving into the sea knowing the tide was going in. I understand is was trying to drive on the hard sand but logic would say you wouldn't what to risk a half million euro race car to salt sea water. Which doesn't go well for expensive motorsport wiring looms or engine components.


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This video potentially sums up why so many US built Dakar vehicles have cooling issues. US builders do not typically build vehicles with enough cooling capacity to cool an engine solely from cooling fans (no additional air pressure) with an engine continually at full or near full load so when it becomes necessary, they may easily miss the mark the first time out. These dunes as shown in this video will definitely put a strain on any cooling system.
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I was just curious about the elevation changes over today and tomorrow.

The Biv today is around 7600 Ft above sea level. Today started around sea level and then it looks like the climb was on the transfer after the stage.

Tomorrow's and the rest day Biv will be at least 12,000 ft. The Altiplano elevation is closer to 14,000 ft., so depending on where the Biv is located it could be that high. So at least they have one night to get slightly acclimated to the high altitude. La Paz is unbelievable easy to get winded in. I was used to 5,000 ft and every time I went there I could tell a difference.

Coca tea is your friend at that elevation. It helps with altitude sickness and keeps you wide awake. The locals chew the leaves, kind of like Americans chew tobacco.