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Dakar '18 -Stage 7- La Paz > Uyuni


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The more tired he gets the stages are going to seem harder. He was sick in the beginning, and just trying to get through each day without pushing too hard. Now he is pushing a little and it is wearing him out. I am sure the lack of a good night sleep is taking its toll by now.

Dirty Harry

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French cars are done, this years podium will be GAZOO toyotas, 1,2,3. Lots of mileage left, some of you are picking the overall winner at the end of stage 7, have you not noticed a lot can happen ( super change ) in one stage. Sainz takes himself out within 2 more stages, SPH car is on its last legs, wont make it past tomorrow’s stage.
I like the end cut. :D:D:D