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Dakar '18 -Stage 8- Uyuni > Tupiza

E. Araiza

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Separating the wheat from the chaff
The second part of this marathon stage also includes the longest special stage of the rally, covering nearly 500 kilometres. Before leaving the Altiplano, the competitors will be put to a tough test in high-altitude sand dunes 3,500 m above sea level. This should start to give us a better idea of the leaderboard; the handful of men or women capable of winning the Dakar will now be revealed.

Liaison > 87 km - Special > 498 km


Overall Classifications After Stage 7:
Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 1.23.42 PM.png


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De Soultrait out in his Yamaha, broken knee. Meaning Van Beveren is Yam's only hope in bikes - and all that while they nearly had it at Dakar. Yamaha isnt really big in raids these days so their effort was worth watching.

SPH kicking in chasing Nasser. Guess if he can bring the car to mechanics in one bit tonight (or in multiple bits zip tied together) it will all start again. He's only seconds behind Nasser.


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Looks like SPH started 17th so he will be quite a bit behind. But he has been the fastest since WP3. He must be confident in the repairs he made

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If it’s a Pug that is going to win it, I hope it’s Sainz. He’s only won the Dakar Rally 1 time in his career. He was leading after stage 9 in 2016, but a gearbox problem in 10 caused a dnf. He should have also won it in 2009, but in stage 12 with a 30 minute lead, he hit that unmarked ravine. There’s rumors that this might be Sainz last Dakar. If that’s true, it’d be cool to send the matador off with another W.


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Pink UTV at the end is Camilla Liparotti... ex quad rider, tiny girl who wears huge heels to overcome her vertically challenged ability, but an absolute legend within the rally raid circle!

I shall sound a misogynist sexist bastard, but she was "girl" many moons ago. Lots of funny stories about that too. Enough to say she wears pink quad attire with a pink quad, blonde hairdo and the like.


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SPH back in the saddle again only a couple seconds behind NAAT for the stage win so far who is closing the gap on Sainz by 4:30 so far...not enough to put major pressure on him...yet...