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Dakar '18 -Stage 8- Uyuni > Tupiza


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Here's a comment (which I translated) from french driver Thierry Bunel on facebook re: Sainz:
He did the same thing to me in Morocco. He cut in in front of me <hard braked> and that ripped off the hood on my buggy and he did not stop and never even apologized. We were at the Chergui Hotel to see his car and it had the paint marks from my buggy. Their manager offered to pay for repairs. Since then Peugeot remains unreachable. Carlos had said that he had seen a blue buggy but that he was driving in a careful way. Same thing. It's quite scandalous for a factory like Peugeot.


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I call BS on this. No pics? No vid? You'd have thought he'd be parading the damaged item in question but we see nothing.