Dakar 2016 - Prologue - Buenos Aires > Rosario


Welcome to the 2016 edition of Dakar!

We have a daily thread with updates and contributions from all over the world. This community is amazing and has grown over the years to one of the most valued Dakar intel places on the internet. Just like competitors and crews are from virtually every westernized Nation so are you guys and it gives me goosebumps thinking about how everyone just keyboard races here and nerds out on the most amazing Off Road Race / Raid there is. This is the annual olympics of Racing.

We will mostly talk about the cars in this forum but welcome any of the other classifications.

Tomorrow will start with the iconic presentation of all entries at the Technopolis fair grounds in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This will most likely play live on various local TV channels that should be accessible through each networks own streaming service without any DRM blockage. Tune in and enjoy the podium part live.

Each team is assigned a scheduled time to appear on stage.

The local time here is: UTC/GMT -3hours or 5 hours ahead of pacific time.

Afterwards it's a 3h / 296km liaison to Rosario for a quickie special of 11km. (1.6km is approximately 1mile)

Everyone we talked to pre race claims they will just idle through it but then again they are racers and are known to paint their strategies colorful or simply go with the flow and idea of driving race car at race speed.

There was a heavy downpour of rain earlier so that might play into tomorrows day.

NBC Sports guys are here and the TV programing should be similar to what it was last year. Check your local listing. <LINK to TV schedule>

We work of this booklet and plan our daily schedule the night beforehand similar to how the race teams do it. The Tripy device in the car will then guide us along during the day.


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Hog Wild

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The thread title says "Stage 1", but it's actually the "Prologue" stage. Stage 1 comes the next day.

Hog Wild

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Here's the map of the 11km Prologue stage.

And my version of a roadbook that would go with this stage, first two pages only. This roadbook has extra stuff in it that would not be in the official roadbook. For example colors, and turns that are not intersections would generally not be included, though a narrow bridge might be included as a safety item. And the text note on the right would be less detailed, and often in French abbreviations. Also, the GPS coordinates and most of the compass headings would not be included.

Short Bus

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The importance of the prologue is what it does for starting positions on Stage 1. As the norm, you start Stage 1 based on your prologue finish.. Stage 1 sounds like one of those WRC style, tree lined, graded road deals and is hard to pass. You don't want to be too chill on the prologue and get stuck starting 25th, or worse, for stage 1. You can't win it all on day one, but you don't want to start in a hole either.

Hog Wild

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I posted this in another thread 3 weeks ago, but it belongs in this thread since it's Prologue info. It has photos of sections of the stage:

The Prologue stage for Dakar 2016 is just south of the small town of Arrecifes, 160 km north-west of Buenos Aries. It's a short stage of just under 12 km.

Here is where the stage starts, on a tiny road between Ruta Principal 51 (highway RP51) and a farm field.

From that point the course parallels RP51 north to a river where RP51 crosses a river here, but the course does not cross. That's my secret stealth black recon moto!

The course turns left at the river, follows the river through some trees for 0.8 km, then turns left away from the river.

The course then turns left on dirt road "Los Naranjos", meets paved RP191 here and continues north towards town:

The course then then crosses the river on this bridge:

The course then makes a hairpin left off the pavement, then crosses this narrow bridge going left to right:

Soon after, the course again follows along the river eventually turning left on dirt road "Jujuy" along the edge of town.

Then the course enters farm fields, zig-zagging through a couple of 90 degree turns.

Eventually the course comes to Highway 8 and turns left on a dirt road that parallels the highway.

It then passes old railroad stop "Todd" just behind this station building:

The Prologue finishes here, at the intersection with Highway 8:
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Hog, thanks for your map.
I will go there tomorrow with my son (7 years old, only gone to circuit racing so far, so his debut in the dust).
I will use your map as a guide.
I also obtained some coordenates from circuit designer himself, some exactly on your map, some slightly meters aparts, check them out:

1- Water corssing: S34.04.480 W060.06.131
2- Jump from street to route: S34.04.382 W060.06.270
3- Jump near "El Molino" S34.04.256 W060.06.431
4- Big Jump, he mentioned to have it designed thinking in RG!!! S34.03.331 W060.07.367
5- Small jump: S34.03.210 W060.08.071
6- Jump after half km straight S34.02.517 W060.08.492

Klaus, had family issues today, only small time at Tecnopolis. Did not met you. Are you checking up the prologue tomorrow? I put a RDC sticker in my car (a Toyota Hilux, dark grey), so you recognize me if see me. I will for sure note your 4Runner!!!

Hog Wild

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I don't understand those coordinates. What format are they in? Which digits are degrees?, minutes?, seconds?

I wish I could be there but I'm at home in Los Angeles.

Have fun. The crowds will be crazy!!!



In my OP i posted wrong starting times yesterday. They just handed out the starting times for today. The first bike will be on the stage at 12:12:00. No exact times for the autos/cars yet for us.


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Looks like bike #93 is a woman from Spain...that's how far along they are at the moment...will be interesting to see what Sheldon does, if anything, at the start.


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Is this the first time they have had the parade and a timed stage on the same day? I though in the past few years there was a parade and podium interview followed the next day with the first stage.