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Dakar 2016 - Stage 1 - Rosario > Villa Carlos Paz (CANCELLED)


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Argentina is a country of mountains, in all forms. Although the first stage is not yet at altitude, the summits are well and truly visible. The wheels of the vehicles follow sinewy and undulating tracks, with the exception of the first, faster, part of the special section. A partial separation of the categories will ensure dangerous overtaking is avoided.

Local Time is GMT-3
Pacific Standard Time is GMT-8

Bikes/Quads: 404 km / 251 miles
Cars: 404 km / 251 miles
Trucks: 404 km / 251 miles

Special Stage
Bikes/Quads: 227 km / 141 miles
Cars: 258 km / 160 miles
Trucks: 258 km / 160 miles




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Hog Wild

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Info for Stage 1, which belongs in the other thread if someone would open it please!!!!

Here we have a beautiful piece of Stage 1 roadbook:

And here we have the course that matches that section of roadbook (racing right to left). Compare the markers on the map to the matching km in the roadbook.
Las Penas Sur.png

And the Google Earth file that goes with this section of the course:
From the kilometer numbers you can tell this is very early in the stage, a few km before CP1.

I'll release the whole stage Google Earth file somewhat later. I sent it to Klaus this morning!

Hog Wild

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Full Stage 1 Map and Google Earth file . . .

Stage 1 Map - Dakar 2016 - HogWild.png

Green is car/truck track. Blue is where motos divert and rejoin car/truck course.

Google Earth File

Note that Street View works in a number of sections of the race course, including some of the high mountain dirt roads. SO you can see the exact view the competitors will see while racing!


ASO is delaying the start for the cars by 30 minutes due to reports of heavy rain. We are leaving the bivouac now ahead of the race vehicles and there is no rain here, so it must be further along the route.

We also received word that Guo Meiling is officially withdrawing from the race.



The bike start is delayed due to the weather (was supposed to start three hours ago) and the ASO is not letting any helicopters fly the course due to the low visibility.


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Desert Dog

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So that's two stages cancelled! Getting very frustrated here, but must be incredibly frustrating for the entire Dakar caravan! Keep up the good work Klaus and try not to eat all the cows in Argentina!!


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Well, only really one stage but I get the point...

Good for RG that an early, potentially more WRC like stage is one that gets cancelled?

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Thanks, Short Bus. From her summary and those maps the weather doesn't look to improve.

Allen R


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Rats ! - But safety first. If it continues, as it seems likely to do, I hope they
Postpone stages until things get better, rather than cancel them.


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Rats ! - But safety first. If it continues, as it seems likely to do, I hope they
Postpone stages until things get better, rather than cancel them.
I'm trying to do this from memory and not research, but have Stages been postponed in the past? I can't remember any, though my following of the DR begins only in the mid-80s.

Allen R


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I don't know... But in theory, if they continue to cancel stages for weather,
And the weather continues to be bad, it could become a shorter and shorter
Dakar..... Which would not be good for anybody.
The ASO has been adaptable in the past - 'jumping' the raid over the whole
Country of Niger when intelligence sources spotted terrorist threats, via a massive airlift.
I wouldn't be surprised if they strive to keep from just eliminating stages until
The sun shines...
Like I said - I don't know...
On the upside, time for RG to get the wiper motors waterproofed.


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Interesting that trackingdakar.nl showed Sheldon in first by 01:29 at CP1 ....what am I missing? Is that the liaison? Is he speeding? Haha!


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So lame. These vehicles are built to race in stuff like this. Are they looking for nascar conditions?