Dakar 2016 winner finally decided


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This is part of an article in the german rallye-magazin.de, translated by me.

Source: Peterhansel nun auch offiziell Dakar-Sieger

Peterhansel now official Dakar winner
Stephane Peterhansel had to wait many weeks for the final decision of the FIA. The frenchman is now able to officially celebrate winning the 2016 Rally Dakar.

Flashback: During the Dakar, Stephane Peterhansel was the only driver that refueled in a neutralized zone. A clear rule infringement. The stewards on site however evaluated the situation differently and didn't call a penalty against Peterhansel. This decision was confirmed by the french association FFSA at the end of march.

X-raid has appealed the decision at the FIA, but still to no avail. "The rules have been interpreted insofar, as that the `Neutralisation´, in which refueling is forbidden, has been declared a `Road Section´, in which refueling is allowed", explained X-raid team manager Sven Quandt.

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i'm stunned!! i haven't slept a wink since the raid ended waiting in anticipation...now who are we talking about?.....oh yeah..the french guy...imagine that.....WAFJ
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Its like the US Open in golf last week..."We might or might not give you a penalty...but we'll see how things shake out in the results and tell you some time later..."


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Stéphane Peterhansel-French

Ya, X-Raid had a snowballs chance in hell for a successful protest. But a precedence has now been set by the ruling. The 2017 rule books will be interesting if there is or is not a re-write.