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Dakar 2017

trackingdakar.nl | Dakar 2017 - Stage 1: Waypoints (Bike)

All eyes on Al Attiyah
After winning the first stage with authority, Nasser Al-Attiyah will be faced with the tough task of opening the road for the 275-km special that awaits him. This challenge will not scare the Toyota driver, but he may well be apprehensive of further mechanical problems following an initial alert yesterday when a fire started in his car. The Peugeot drivers are likely to push hard, with much expected of the former WRC drivers WRC Sébastien Loeb and Carlos Sainz, while Stéphane Peterhansel should also reassert his authority over the rally after a cautious start on Monday; unless of course Mikko Hirvonen and his Mini announce their entrance into the battle.

Getting down to the nitty gritty

After a first stage in Paraguay that only comprised 39 kilometres against the clock, the competitors will get their teeth into the first big portion of the Dakar 2017 on arrival in a country that they know only too well: Argentina. The bikes, quads, cars, SSVs and trucks will tackle a stage of more than 800 km, including a 275-km special in the region of Chaco where they will have to keep their patience when faced with the dust that could even be transformed into mud if it rains!


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A 400 mile (about) liaison? Sheesh!! Time for the codriver to drive while the driver naps...

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Great Pics and Clips from stage 1, keep em comin.


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Yup! That's the drawback of the modern Dakar. It seems like they are trying to link the specials with mac Donald's drive throughs!
A far cry from the Africa days where it was one long special and you started where you stopped for the night.Accomadation was military style camping which after a few days really sorted the men from the boys. Water was rationed and no chance of MCD's in the Sahara!


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Today stage will be really tough.

It is mainly roads, with a lot of loose dirt, plenty of "fesh fesh".
Weather will be a major issue: for the tiem being it will be extremely hot 42 to 44 degrees celsius expected.
But there is possible isolated thunderstorms.
If it rains too much, those fesh fesh transform into mud traps, very difficult to get through, especially at the back with cars bloquing road, and mud plenty of holes.

If it rains at the start, and then get heat, it will be much more difficult: bikes and cars heavy due to thick mud, air ducts bloqued with mud, and exhausted riders/drivers.

I expect quite a good DNF for this stage.

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Ricky B. was second at WP1 - 19 seconds down to Price. By WP2 it looks like he may have lost some time as Barreda picked up a minute and half on him in that section.


vanagas from my country yesterday finished 17 however he will start from 24 position because of stupid rules.


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They show Ricky top 6 so far. Honda seems tired of playing 2nd fiddle to Katoom. couple of those Sherco riders look fast as well.What happened to Toby? is he out? does not show a start for him?.