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★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 7: San Juan de Marcona > San Juan de Marcona


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Here are some cool graphics I found on the Dakar site that shows the progress of who has been leading to overall in each class after each stage and you can see how the leads have changed. The bikes are the only ones updated through todays stage as they've started to finish. I'll post the updated graphs later today as the other classes finish.

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On Tracking.Dakar.com you can do something similar for each stage. Click the lines in the top right.



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Ricky and Johnny saying hi to the guys on RDC.
You guys are killing it! Great work! Looks like you have the Honda doing everything it needs to do too.

How many times have you pulled the head?

How many pistons have you changed? How about cylinders? Have you changed one (or more) yet?

What are the rules limitations on the engines? Can you split the case? Can you change out a case?

How's the gear box holding up?

How about clutches? How often do you change out clutch parts?

How about chains and sprockets? How often do you change these?

I'm assuming new rear tires every day. How about fronts? Do you change those every day as well?


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Any chance we can get Max Eddy on the Honda team for the rally races? He's still fast. I know his big picture future is cars. There's still time for that. Ricky needs the annoyance of Max pushing him all day.


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Since Dakar has been in SA there’s rarely been very big time gaps on each stage, it’s almost always been very tight with only a few minutes separating the podium at the end. If you had a mechanical during a special you would likely pretty much put yourself out of it. This year is like old school Africa Dakar and it’s making it much more exciting I believe. If Nasser had a half hour plus gap in years past the race would be pretty much over with only a couple stages left. This year Nasser is still going to have to be careful with that big lead but still push a little as well. Peterhansel better get on the good foot, though I’d rather see a Toyota finally get it. F Peter penishandle

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Hog Wild

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The crazy dunes are between 4 and 5 in the above diagram. The terrain looks relatively easy up to WP3.


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Do the rules allow for teams to share the road book info with others, as soon as they receive the road books? If yes, then what Hog is doing is perfectly legal. I'm assuming Hog builds a KML/KMZ track using a mapping software. I doubt he does this directly in GE. The tools for this might be in GE, but I've not seen them. Once you have the KML file it's an easy load into GE, and now it's all very lovely and visual. The elevation profile for a particular track is a click away. This is the pink elevation profile Hog has been sharing.

Two things are tedious - I'd imagine:
(1) Building a track from road book.
(2) Looking over track in GE. Lots and lots of zoom in, zoom out, and rotate screen. Some of us off roaders love messing with tracks in GE. A lot of riders have zero patience for it. I honestly think it's an older guy thing.