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★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona > Pisco


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one more onboard. More than half stage Vanagas was driving without power steering, soft roll at 32:30. Tanks to Maz crew for help!
Man... those dunes are Donald Trumps. Real motherf*ckers. Lol

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Hog Wild

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Peru has different soil physics than anywhere else. The sand can stack up in a pure vertical waterfall wall. But somehow the top guys still climb them!


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like i explain to MANY....its not golfcart night in america or trophytruck night in america or rockcrawler night in america......we have to relate to MILLIONS of regular people to stay on the air........next show i do will be about what WE do......patience grasshopper.......im getting my foot in the door........
RIP Pete.

Both feet are in the door to the ultimate racing world now!

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