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★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 8: San Juan de Marcona > Pisco


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Unreal. Was pulling for him so hard


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I smell something fishy.... either that, or seriously WTF Honda????!!!!!

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For sure fishy. An American on a non-KTM sponsored not by Red Bull.

Hog Wild

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On to less depressing things . . .

I see an interesting point in the dunes later in this stage. They are following part of stage 3 in reverse, but then the stage 8 WPC point is slightly beyond where the tracks from stage 3 will be. Some may see all the tracks "turning to the left" and follow them instead of going 500 meters further to the WPC. The leaders shouldn't fall for that because they know the tracks they see are from an earlier day, but those further back may make this mistake.

A WPM has an 800 meter unmasking radius (when the arrow pops up), and a 200 meter validation radius. But a WPC has no unmasking radius (no arrow, ever), and a 300 meter validation radius. So, they will not get an arrow as they approach that WPC, which will make it much more difficult to find the point, especially when there are old tracks going the wrong way just before that point. To me this looks like a planned navigation challenge by ASO.


randy s

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fun while it lasted..go get em' next year ricky!!...on facebook, i read that poucher crashed hard as well ..not sure how bad


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just when you thought it was safe to be happy about Dakar ...................ugh ....... gotta feel bad for RB and JC


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Bummer for sure. Whoever wins now gets an asterisk win.

* = Winner got lucky. We all know who is the fastest, and who should have won.


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Best run ever (yes, ever) for an American at the Dakar...No I don't want to hear about anyone else. So gutted...


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A few days ago, someone over at ADVRider, said rb's motor had some visible smoke out of the exhaust.