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★ Dakar 2019 - Stage: Center - Universe Robby


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Robby vs Kariakin


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Alignment looks a little goofy on the kitty, or is it just me?
I noticed that also, I think ride height has been adjusted up without toe adjust or this was done to make the car more stable at speed in hopes of the higher speeds they were hoping for, this is all speculation. Did you notice the tires are already deflated to the 10 PSI Robby mentioned running in the dunes.


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Robby checking out the South Africa Nissan of Shameer Tarizawa...the SA fans are brutal in their comments...”looking for an engine transplant for his sewing machine”, “ask him where his Hummer is”, “his Buggie needs an upgrade”, “wanted to remember what a real race car looks like”....I had to remind them that his sewing machine is still beating out all three of the SA produced Nissan T1 cars...I hated to do it but it has to be done...


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One of Robby's guys posted a photo of RG looking under the ass of a factory car, can't recall which one. With the title "Trophy Truck Ideas"

Personally, I think RG is going to build the new TT with XX geometry.
What year is his new TT supposed to make an appearance?