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★ Dakar 2019 - Stage2: Pisco > San Juan de Marcona


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Category: Bikes - Quads - Cars - SxS - Trucks
Liaison: 553 km / 344 miles
Stage: 324 km / 201 miles

Schedule: *All times local time GMT-5 (3 hours ahead of PST)
January 8th, 2019
Bikes: 08:34
Quads: 09:33
Cars: 06:00
SxS: 07:03
Trucks: 10:51

Quantity of participants:
Start of Rally: 137 - 26 - 100 - 30 - 41 - (336)
Start of Stage: 135 - 25 - 97 - 30 - 38 - (325)

Stage 2 Pisco > San Juan de Marcona

The Dakar is now in full swing with the cars breaking the trail on stage 2 from Pisco to San Juan de Marcona. This will be the first real test of endurance for our boys with 342km (212mi) special and 180km (111mi) of liaison.

Top American hopeful Ricky Brabac found himself in a 3rd position after yesterdays opener just 2min 52sec behind teammate Joan Barreda Bort who's currently leading the motos. Garret Poucher and Skyler Howes seem to be paired up in 46th and 47th just 6 seconds apart.

Robby Gordon looked to do well in the Textron running 21st position in the cars just 8 minutes and change behind the leaders with teammates Blade Hildebrand and Cole Potts following up in 34th and 43rd. Tomorrow's stage will test the Textron’s ability with a near 3000m (10k ft) climb and across the dunes of Peru. Navigation will be heavy on the co-pilots but will have some advantage to follow the tracks of those opening the road.

Timing and tracking:
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Big hill climb off the start huh? Over under on how many belts the 316 eats?

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Side note... those mini buggies look peppy this year. Too bad Bryce isn’t it one. Would have been rad.

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Well.. just getting off a 4.5 hour red eye flight... and RDC won’t let me edit it.. but maybe Klaus can change the names to protect the innocent?
So are they off the line yet or what?? I got up extra early for this!

Just kidding.. I just landed in North Carolina. Need anything from RGM?

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Looks like 17 cars off the line so far. 1 car every 3 min.


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Yup... just saw.. Sainz up on Nasser 1:41 at WP1

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Tracking sure is goofy lol. No way this is right.

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