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★ Dakar 2020 - Stage 12: Haradh > Qiddiya

Hog Wild

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They cut some of the beginning of the Special, and changed the end to Liaison instead of neutralized Special.


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I think it's shorter for bikes as well.
I'm seeing
PK 119

This is shorter than how it was listed earlier today.

RB is almost through PK119. This thing is almost a wrap. Time for a toast of champagne!
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Rally Raid in open desert and sand is interesting. Ricky is fastest guy out there, but today he can be really fast because he has the confidence that comes from following so many tracks in front of him. Having these tracks to follow today is his reward for running such a great race. Good strategies every day, great consistency, and of course the speed to back it up, and position himself up front in the early stages.