Dakar Challenge comes to Sonora Rally


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Free Motorcycle Entry to Dakar up for grabs at Sonora Rally!

We have been hinting that we had some exciting news...here is our press release announcing Sonora Rally becoming the Dakar Challenge event for bikes. We are really happy, and proud, that ASO sees the importance of building a rally raid community in North America and that the stages we laid out last year give the real Dakar experience. This will bring a new level of exposure to our event and hopefully we will attract some more Dakar dreamers. Hope to see you all in Sonora.

Link to same PDF online:

Link to our web page announcement:
Dakar comes to Sonora Rally

Link to Dakar Challenge regulations:
Dakar Challenge

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Interested competitors, be aware many "elite" riders (as determined by the Dakar org) and anyone who race raced Dakar before are not eligible for the Dakar Challenge prize. This give the less accomplished riders a much better chance at winning the free Dakar entry! Read the regulations to see why this is perfect for a lot of you who dream of racing Dakar. Dakar Challenge Regs

BTW, Sonora Rally is just over the boarder from Yuma AZ, so it's convenient for those used to going to Baja.