Race should've started today right ??

Start at Arras 28/12/2001

1st motorcycle 8:00 PM | 1st car 9:40 PM | 1st truck 11:40 PM

That was the only thing i could decipher on the dakar site.
look at those start times? it must suck to be them (well not really, i would love to be there) anyways it's about 2 am in france time right now.

victor fabian


<A target="_blank" HREF=http://toyota-trophy.com/>http://toyota-trophy.com/</A> is a good info site for the Dakar race. Look at the Toyota vehicle. Looks like they run 2 small Billstein shocks per wheel.


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After 5 stages completed Mark moved up to 52nd. overall and is 27 min. behind the leader.He had a good 4th stage finishing 9th OA.
If somebody can come from behind that will be Mark,remember the B2K after almost rolling at mile 7 or so and going basicly to last place he came back to pass almost everybody and finish strong in 4th OA.
Also, Bruno Saby in the Protruck 28th OA.


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Would it be alright with everybody if we closed this thread and continued the thread started by Mark? Seems like it would be easier to follow. Just a thought.