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Dale Ebberts


Jerry Maguire
Does anybody know the condition of Dale Ebberts and his co-rider? I saw them put a neck brace on him and take him away. I hope all is okay as it looked kinda nasty. Furthermore, what ever happened to Tim Staab? Is he still in a coma or has he recovered? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

John Bitting

I heard Dale suffered a broken hand or arm and a sore back. Went on the backboard for precautionary reasons. Heard co-driver was alright just sore. Dont know if it is true or not. Just what was sent to me last night. As for Tim Staab have not heard anything.


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Ebberts had no broken bones, was knocked out and received concussion, jammed one finger, cracked the back of his helmet.

John Bitting

Great news says something about the vehicle and how well it was built.. What kind was it again Hammer?? Oh yeah a Jimco.. :)


Tim Staab

Tim is reported to be awake and slowly recovering. He still has a tube in his throat for air and in his stomach for feeding. I think both are to be removed soon. Because of the tube he cannot talk.

He is reported to be alert at times and seemingly dazed other times.

Physically, one side of his body is responding/recovering faster than the other. Much like a stroke victim.

Therapy is expected to last 2 years.



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I heard Ebberts and his co-rider had their bell rung, and they overkilled for precautionary reasons which is good. Last I heard about Staab was he was transported from Vegas to a San Diego Hospital on December 28th, and that was the last I heard.... I hope he pulls through..