Damen Jefferies


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Here is a cool article and a ton of pics from the Herman Motorsports Ford F-150 Trophy Truck. As seen in the new Dezert People Video.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.off-road.com/ford/feature/damenjeffries/>http://www.off-road.com/ford/feature/damenjeffries/</A>


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Wow. I didn't look at that truck that close in person at the expo. Some very nice work and some good ideas. Notice the variety of uses of temp strips to monitor maximum temperatures. Coolant, Shocks, Rearend... Those work great until you reach 500+ and the paper burns.

Build 'em light, wind 'em tight

John Bitting

I think something should be said about Damens driving abilities. He has proven he can win in just about anything he drives and watching the video(DP) only shows you why. This guy has natural talent, He is so fast and so smooth it is amazing. My hats off to the guy. I think he will be an even bigger threat next year in TT where there should be a lot of new trucks. Hopefully 10+ TT's per race.


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That is my favorite part of the video!

J.C. Andrews
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Two words that align with Damen..




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One thing I can say about Damen is he is one cool guy. We were in Tonopah at the bar in the casino, and he came up and just started talking to me. He is really down to Earth, and he is super cool. A month later, the same thing happened again. On the pre runs he helps people with problems and is a great guy. And if none of you have never been on a BITD fun run, you are missing out, because it is one great time, and there is even a free BBQ during the middle of the day in the middle of the desert, that BITD caters. Damen is just a nice guy, bottom line. Just walk up to him, i am sure that he will talk to you.

Gabe Lara

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Damen was the same way when he raced his 9 car.
Just a good guy....

And now with his Porter built Herman Motorsports F-150, and Lee Perfect (Baldwin/ PPI) as his crew chief, one of the most competitive TT teams out there!

John Bitting

I agree. Damen partied with us in Primm on Thursday night when RDC/No Fame Productions had the drinks flowing all night to everyone we could find drinking. Tim Lawrence and Crew, Reggie Dunlap, Bob Bower, Damen, just to name a few.. It was a fun time. I want to go on one of those preruns with you Jimmy, My bronco will be done and ready for next season...


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He overalled the Score points in 1/2-1600 which he dominated, then dominated Class 10, and was a contender with the Porter PR1 CLass 1... Now look out.....