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Dan Vance Jump !

Is it the Driver or the Truck ?

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Here's my vote...it's not the driver OR the truck...it's the photographer...ME! Wait'll you see the video I got of it, too. It took a little prompting to get Dan to do that, but he's just crazy enough to listen to us!



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I think he's partially insane......now the trucks for sale!

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Hey at least this new board gives me something to laugh about . Jen , you got a killer picture ! Klaus , thanks for putting it up . Jerry , the jump wasn't that high although I should've worn my helmet . Jordan , yeah it's for sale and I'll miss it dearly when it's gone . and Shaun , watch the video for the landing . You might be surprised on how smooth it really is . Later,

Dan Vance


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Looks like fun to me!!! I wish I could have been the passenger.
Aint this new board GREAT?


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Dude that truck can jump! What brand of bumps do you use? You must have them on all 4 corners, don't you? Nice truck!

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Isn't that the same truck that was suppose to jump the canal @ Glamis, but the driver said the rear-end
had some sort of kick, and it was spooking him??????? Just wondering.....


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Junior it has Fox bumps on the front and rubber on the rear . The air bumps made it kick a little too much for me . Scott , Yeah I was gonna give it a shot but we changed the spring rate in the rear right before the trip and it made it a little spooky to put it up high in the air . Going big is cool but landing upside down is not !! wasn't worth the risk that trip .

Jorge Rodriguez

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