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I just got a 92 ranger extended cab 4x4(dana 35). I have called around to a few fab shops ie. Camburg, Mcneil. I just wanted to get some advice from individuals that might be running these set ups right now. I was originally drawn to the Mcneil front end because of the extended TTB and custom coil buckets for $2000, but i started to shy away from them when i learned that their shop is in TJ. I like camburgs kit, $1700, but i cant afford their bucket and shock setup(extra grand) so i would have to run the stock bucket for awhile if i went that way. I havent really heard anything about DRE's setup or other shops and would like to get some info. I just dont want to start off on the wrong foot and spend more fixing it then further modifieing it. I just want to have a good starting point so when i save up more money i can keep it going in the right direction.
In the rear i plan on running nationals and trying to run a spreader bar under the bed with some king's or sway a ways. I would also like some input on setting up the rear. I would like to not cut my bed, maybe run a rocker set up, and i dont want to four link it. i frequently haul stuff so i dont feel like cutting up the bed.
Any info would be great. Thanks. Jarrett


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i put camburgs modified beams and bushing radius arms on my brother inlaws 94 4x4 ranger, he went the same route kept the stock buckets and spent the money on nationals for the rear, here's some advise make sure you run camburgs coils the spring rate is perfect cause if you try to put a 6" spring like from superlift its imposible to align the truck also i would take the time to port the casting pieces that hold the u-joints just grinding some of the material out to alow the axel to get more angle other wise your travel will limited to around a whopping 6" if you port them you will gain a few more inches, if your truck has automatic locking hubs throw them away he already broke his and he doesnt abuse his truck warn makes a good set of manual locking ones that are way better you can pic them up at a 4wd shop as far as leaf springs if you haul a trailer or put stuff in your bed i would leave the stock ones in cause i towed a trailer with his truck and the springs dont do well for towing because they are designed for racing purposes but you might talk to deaver and see if he can set you up with some rear springs that have a happy medium dont buy nationals they suck and you have to wait forever to get them.

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Call Kurt at Race Design in San Diego. He does really clean fab work and it holds up to lots of abuse.
619-443-6461 Good Luck. He is the one who had a lot to do with the building of Brian Collins' Trophy Truck.


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I have Camburg Custom Buckets, Heimied Radius arms with SAW's in the front as well as Nationals out back. The system works well and it was relatively inexpensive. I think I did all the work for about $4500.00. I have no sway bars but the SAW's and the Nationals keep everything under control. I would definately go with Camburg. "What up Jerry"