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You would like a Rolling in the deep cover.

I didn't even crack a giggle.


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I sure hope Danica sits on the pole this weekend for no other reason than I like saying Danica is sitting on the pole

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Her comments about Cole Whitt show how much of a brat she really is. As anyone who has worked around her will tell you, she really is an awful person. Attractive? Sure, if you go for that 16 year old look, but working around her and hearing stories from the teams she drove for has definitely soured my opinion.


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I can say one thing about her. She's taken some really hard hits this season

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i dont follow her racing but shes hot. and thats the only positive thing i have heard about her...
how are her ACTUAL driving skills?


If she wants to race Nascar she needs to get in a dirt late model and learn how to handle a track and car that changes every lap. Oh yea she need to learn how to swap some paint!


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Yeah, did they find the idiot that threw it?
Milka Duno
:rolleyes:(they said it on wind tunnel so it must be true)
I laughed hard when that comment/joke was made.

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Just remember, nothing is ever Danica's fault...

I knew it was a matter of time for the Eurys after one of them made the comment before Indy that she in no way is ready for cup next year.