Data logging


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Nov 16, 2006
Not Impressed with this product. Sorry Banks, you are way behind in technology. If Banks plans to get valuable data for engine development, a 100ms sample rate is not going to cut it. And while being able to view data in a play back mode on a 2 1/16 gauge may sound cool, there is not an engine builder out there that will find this form of analysis valuable. It takes an advanced graphics software program which allows for finite analysis and data graph overlay capabilities with a logger sampling at a minimum of 50ms for some values and critical sensors at a minimum of 20ms. Plus, all the adapters boxes and signal conditioning boxes required for this system makes for a tremendous amount component liability, wiring and fitment issues.

I've been involved in the design and manufacturing of professional motorsports data logging equipment and data analysis since 1988. This equipment as described in this video with of the memory card and the 100-channel capabilities, is only slightly more advanced then what was available in 1990. Yet, in 1990 we already had highly advanced graphics analysis software, something this system appears not to have, requiring the round gauge playback mode. This video is obviously a marketing tool to sell inexpensive loggers to the general public over a serious effort to develop a competitive turbo diesel engine for monster trucks.