Dave Ashley

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Nov 4, 2015
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Keep the stories coming -- His family appreciates them!
I took some pictures of a magazine article Dick had saved of Dave’s prerunner.

Same truck as above.


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Apr 7, 2001
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I took some pictures of a magazine article Dick had saved of Dave’s prerunner.

Same truck as above.
Amazing - I think I remember reading some of your posts over the years that you had his old pre runner. I bought my copy of that magazine back in college and have read that article many, many times - still have it out in the garage. Thanks for all your stories.

Todd Z.


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Apr 2, 2001
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I received this text from Dave's sister Liz this evening and she asked me to share this with you all.

"Hi Dave! This is Liz - Dave Ashley's sister. I thought you may like to have this tribute and info on the service. Please put on any relevant sites and share with people that may be interested. I don't have the credentials to add. Thanks for loving my brother and sharing his story. You have a long history!

David Ashley (64) passed into heaven on September 14, 2021. He is survived in this life by his wife of 42 years, Jennie Ashley, his son and daughter-in-law, Sean and Sarah Ashley, his parents Suzanne and Jerry Ashley, and his sisters Cindi Bosley (Marc) and Liz Ostoich (Mark).

Dave was a friend to many and enjoyed learning, working and playing in many different circles. His family often remarked that Dave knew at least a little something about everything. His broad knowledge and varied interests allowed him to interact with racers, law enforcement, military, educators, real estate developers, corporate leaders and engineers, as well as Bible scholars and every day people - meeting us all where our interests and talents overlapped.

In whatever field Dave pursued, you could be sure he would give 100%, exceeding the hours necessary to become an expert. While his last position with General Atomics was fairly new to him, he enjoyed it very much, humbled by the opportunity to work with an excellent team, in a cutting edge field. This experience was only eclipsed by his racing career, which was a decades long opportunity to combine perseverance and passion with true
on-the-job training for his future roles.

As Dave’s time on earth was drawing to an end, Jennie kept hearing the term ‘Warrior’. When Dave passed into heaven, we believe he was given a new job - one that is dynamic, fulfilling, and full of adventure. One where he is working with other warriors to carry out God’s mission here on Earth. Dave is in the Army now!

As a voracious reader and intense believer in scripture, Dave would ask us all to read our Bibles for ourselves. He would ask us to make sure God knows us and not just the other way around. He would probably be embarrassed by the tribute of his life and would insist that if we are going to parade out his racing success, that it only be done as a means of pointing us all back toward Jesus, and in Dave’s own words - casting all of those crowns and trophies
at the feet of the living God, the author and finisher of our faith.

A celebration of Dave’s life will be held at Sandals Church, 17421 Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside on October 16, 2021 at 1 pm. All are welcome."

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Dec 8, 2007
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