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John Bitting

What an awesome time last night. What a turn out. The whole parking lot was prerunners, tons of people walking around..It was great seeing all the old faces and also the new ones I met last night. There were some impressive vehicles last night including that lowered tahoe on 22" rims, I could not believe how big those things were...I hope Malibu does that again real soon. Great job Kreg, I know you had a hand in last night too...


Did anyone take any photos? I've got a cold that is just whooping my ass. I got 15 hours sleep Friday night and didn't want to get of bed on Saturday. I'm still tired and pissed off I couldn't attend. How was the "show" and how well was it attended. Thanks.


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Friday night at D&B was a BLAST! Thanks to D&B, Irvine Spectrum, Malibu Dan, 97.1 FM, RDC and EVERYONE involved! Also, thanks to all of the teams/owners who went throught the time, trouble, and effort to make your vehicles available for the evening. The vehicles, and people truly made the show!

Speaking of people-It was great to see John Bitting and family, Klaus, Steve Wiseman and family from Fantasy Muffler, the Davis Motorsports boyz, and the entire TDP Motorsports Team/Family (Nice to finally put faces to names.) Also great to meet the gang from Wanzek Racing.

It was a great night, and I can't wait for the next one. Congrats and thank you to all involved!



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Malibu's initial off-road club gathering was awesome - he did a fantastic job. I talked with Conway and Steckler and they had a great time and really enjoyed the event as well. Dan was so excited with everyone that showed up and helped. HE was really pleased. I had a great time. Got to see tons of people, it was relaxed atmosphere and got to hang out and shoot the.....

I did get some pictures but they were mainly of Dan when he saw he truck for the first time after Kreg got done with it.... I wanted to get more - but Time got away from me...missed Bitting Baby - she was off somewhere - saw the stroller

Big thanks to Inland Prerunners, Donahoe Racing, Dave and Busters, 97.1, Conway and Steckler, Off-Road Expo, The Herbst, Ford of Orange, T & J's, all the class 1 guys that were there, ASA, Plank's race truck was there, Mike from Arciero's whose new truck was there, everyone that showed up to display and everyone that showed up period.

I can't wait for the next one - it was great! Had such a great time.

The coolest thing
was when I was standing there looking at the long line of prerunners coming toward the event area - there had to be 15 all in a line coming to the "party" It got to the point that you could walk - there were so many peeps.

If you didn't make it inside where the broadcast was - that was cool too...Dave and Busters had the bar open and food out to eat. Dan said next time they will have the broadcast and the event closer together.

Can't wait for the next one and if you didn't make it to this one, then you must go to the next one!

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Hat's off to MALIBU DAN!! Excellent job on the Inaugural event. Very well done and as Paige said, nice to spend time with our friends in a relaxed atomosphere. THANK YOU to all those involved in putting this get-together on. Looking forward to the 2nd Annual!



It was nice to see so many race vehicles and prerunners turn out Friday night! Like Paige stated...I was cool seeing so many prerunners come in at once. It was like Hell's Angles meets inland prerunner "off-road" gang. Watch out. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their family time to exhibit their cars/trucks/shops. The spectators loved it (namely myself!) Hopefully there will be a next time.




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Dan And the Boys from KLSX all had a great time. Dan Finder (MALIBU) did All the work. I just gave him numbers to contact. This is a great thing for the sport. In the weeks heading up to the event Dan Plugged off-road RACING at least 100 times on the air. Thats about 1,000,000,00 in free advertizing. Its guys Like Dan that need our thanks. He is a fricken stud. if you want to see more events like this call the radio station and tell them what you thought of this last one. I had a Great time at the event. It was nice to see everyone and to bring Dan his truck. He was pretty stoked.



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Any photo's of the event? How about Dan's truck? Some of us Dezert People were hundreds of miles away.

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I have about Sixty pictures from the event that I have to download from my camera I'll put em out there and let you guys know where they're at. I'm joansing big time for another event such as that. There was sooooo much great stuff I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to see everything and not miss any of it. How was that monster super duty with the leopard interior! ! ! There was a nice class five. Was Dans new truck that yellow F-250? Oh man that thing ROCKED.