Dave Mirra Tour


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I was watching the Dave mirra BMX Tour on ESPN the other day. I guess the bike riders were having an off day and were at perris raceway to have fun. A ranger was out there and dave mirra got to jump it and take it around the track. The ranger was yellow and it said H and M motorsports on the side. I believe it was their class 7. Does anyone know anything about this.


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The Ranger on the Dave Mirra Tour was the H&M built 7 Unlimited truck of Holmes Racing. Owner John Holmes had both of his trucks out there. The infield of Perris Speedway was converted to include jumps and a rythm sction, and for the time that I was there, I saw the truck air it out repeatedly, and run across different lines in the whoops. The truck worked awesome.

I was meeting with Mike from APP Wheels there, but was able to finally meet Kevin and Buff from H&M Motorsports, as well as Craig Godfrey from Stimulus. Other companies represented were Ford Trucks, Bilstein, Goodyear, and 76 Racing Gas.

I don't know how Mirra, Holmes and H&M got hooked-up for this opportunity, but I'm glad they did. It is great exposure for Off Road racing. Congrats to all involved.