David Bills Memorial Service tells it all...


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The crowd filled the Sally Lynn Chapel at the Greenwood Memorial Park on Saturday afternoon to honor and eulogize a man who made a big difference in hundreds of peoples lives. Honored as a hero in the midst of friends, family, peers and the off-road community, the stories about David and his life echoed in the chapel.

As someone who didn't know David, I sat and listened how his employees, friends and family talked about how he never said a bad word about anyone. How he lived life to the fullest and was happy in all he did.

This off-road desert racer who sacrificed his life for the love of desert racing was a rocker who help lead the band during down times. As a long time employee of Ralph's, he was the employee that all companies only hope to be able to find. He sacrificed many times for his own employees and his peers hoping to make their lives easier.

This man's family stood strong in the crowd of friends and greeted those people who were courageous enough to stand at the pulpit and cry, tell their story about this great person, and then walk away only to have memories about him.

One Ralph's manager mentioned that she was a 20-year employee who had never met anyone as nice as David. She sobbed while telling a story about David flying out of the store in the middle of the night to get them both coffee. She ended by saying he changed her life.

One man had only known David for 48 hours. He commented how David Bills has changed his life and his outlook on his own family and friends. He spoke slowly taking a moment to gather himself and hold back the tears, but he could not. He and David spent the last minutes of David's life together, joking about girls who were checking David out, and readying him for his first ever Baja race. This man represented the off-road desert racing community proudly and was only one of a couple people from the off-road desert world who attended the Saturday Memorial Service.

The viewing service which occurred on Friday evening was attended by Mr. Sal Fish, Director-SCORE-International, who is deeply saddened by this tragic event.

David's father mentioned that he received a telephone call from Nick Baldwin on Friday stating that he and Carl would attend the Saturday Service, however, they did not attend.

David Bills wandered into the ORC camp on Friday night with Angel Montiel and George Lara. He took a seat around the campfire while George harassed the ORC Crew. He was quiet and laughed amongst the wild Baja Boys at Pete's Camp. David made friends wherever he went and his presence will be missed.

To the 267X crew, hang in there, David is in a better place. Take to the desert floor and put the hammer down.....because David is watching you and he would expect nothing less.

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There was a comment made by "Desert Bull" that Nick Baldwin and Carl R. did not attend the memorial service in San Diego for David Bills. This is absolutely not true. We were there for an hour before the service and had a good discussion with David Bill's father and at the conclusion of that discussion we departed. We felt that we needed to give the Bills family time with their son. I believe it's the hardest thing that Carl and I have had to do in our lifetimes and hope that something positive came out of it. I feel that David's father was very appreciative of us being there.

Nick Baldwin


Thanks for coming on and setting the facts straight. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected by this event.



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That was very good of you to attend the service, how is Carl doing??


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Seems that people who work for other websites should get their facts straight before making an incorrect post on other web sites. Thanks to Nick for have the class to set the record straight. Think before you write might be a good idea, desertbonehead.


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My apologies to both Nick and Carl regarding the above post. I spoke with team members of the 267X crew and they had not met with you guys and of course you were gone prior to my arrival, therefore it was my incorrect impression that you guys had not been there.

Please accept my sincere apologies for posting the incorrect information. Your honorable attendance in meeting with the family says it all.

Again, please accept my apologies.

Best Regards,


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Why don't you calm down Desertchick, it was an honest mistake. No need to start name calling because of it. You could have commented in a much more civil manner and please do in the future.

Thanks for attending both desertbull and Nick. It was a good showing by the off-road community.

See ya in the dirt!


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Got this in an email

Subject: San Felipe

Just heard from John Calvin. It seems that the photographer that Bower saw
standing on the knoll was working for Trackside, and thus, at least in part,
for Dusty Times. He saw the accident with the biker. And it is true that
the biker had fallen off his machine. He then got up, and instead of
getting off course, started to head toward his machine to get back on and
there was Renezeder. The photographer said it was very dusty and dirty.
Renezeder hit him and kept going, but Beryl said he didn't think he ever saw
him or knew it had happened. Beryl went to the biker right away, and he was
already dead. He moved his body off course, but it was too dangerous to try
to move the bike, (which is why Bower saw it still lying there. Beryl
figured he'd be hit if he tried to muscle it out of the area.) The biker,
poor guy, apparently couldn't hear the truck coming with his helmet on - or
maybe he was knocked silly by his fall. He should surely have got off the
course before he did anything with the bike.
I thought you would appreciate hearing the correct version of the story.

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Re: Got this in an email

I remember seeing that on the course. Was that David Bills bike? I saw the photographer, and at the time I thought he had put the bike there to make the cars go closer to the camera. Check out the attachment...I got this photo from trackside.



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Re: Got this in an email

Who is desertbull?

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Nick & Carl...I can't begin to imagine how difficult that was for you guys to do. My hats off too the both of you. CLASS ACT !!!