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Day 24 of Wizard Fabrication Class and some reflections on my experience so far


I just did a count on my wall calander to see how long I have been a student of the Wizard Fabrication Class. Its more or less 24 days of the bi-weekly 6 month class.

We are now deep into our two project vehicles and working in the classroom-shop comes natural. Its now a routine to walk up to the cold-saw to cut a tube. I noticed I wont forget little things like taking the measuring tape to the saw or wearing safety glases where in the beginning lots of time was wasted doing things twice.

New classes are forming around us and older classes are graduating. Every time I enter the classroom the first 10 minutes before class are spent checking progress on all the other students projects that are sitting outside the classroom. I will start a new thread full of images of projects under construction.

Tag-welding two parts together is now no big deal and the two pieces actualy stay together on the first try. A short while ago I showed some of my practice welds to the guys at Camburg Engenering in Huntington Beach and asked if I could now work in the shop. The answer was that they see the potential and could probably start me in a junior position. My welding would require lots more practice to be suitable for production, but it was good enought to get my food into the door if I wanted to.

Danny Porter is our groups instructor and its extremly comforting to have someone explain every single step on the design of our projects. Then when a student comes up with an idea Danny listens and explains the pro and cons of that new idea. Ultimatly the students decide on the direction to go.

In fabrication there is a wrong way and lots of correct ways to get the job done. We try to take our time and measure things twice, double check angles and level things the first time to avoid double work. We borderline messed up a bit on drilling two cab holes in project Mazda, but saved it with the die-grinder...

Wizard School is defenatly a gateway into the world of metal fabrication.