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DD/BuggyWorks a-arm geometry question


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Building an a-arm front end and really like the look of the DD/BuggyWorks style a-arms because you can make the front of the frame so wide...I'm on the east coast and it would be nice to use the extra space for storing lightweight rain gear...every square inch counts!

The DD upper and lower arms appear to be the same length...does this a-arm design allow for good camber change?

How well do the DD/BuggyWorks setups work?

Any help is appreciated!



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They are not great. The one you pictured will bend the hiems if it drops all the way out with the steering at full lock.

When I get home I'll post up some pics of a DD car I fixed.

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There is good reason for not using that design. It is too light weight for anything other than moderate dune use. If space for storage is a design feature that you want. I recommend incorporating it into another part of the chassis. Add some space behind the seats. The peace of mind that comes from having a reliable front end greatly outweighs " storage " in my opinion. The difference between a car that holds up and one that doesn't may be the difference between wanting rain gear and "needing " it.