Dear Blake in Gilbert / Arizona



Well, at least I think your name is Blake or maybe you work on a computer that has an account with the name Blake on it.

As well you frequent this Desert Racing Board here - that's why I bother to post here, sorry admin - from here you go to my Puro Off-Road website, rip of a page and save it on your computer. So far you did ok....

After that you joined the guys from the Dumb and Dumber know Blake - you been pretty stupid - you should not open such a file on your computer with my tracking code and other scripting still in it.
It's basically playing E.T. "Calling home"... get the point?? If not just look at the images below...

Who knows what else you got on your hard drive now that maybe migrated already somewhere else and is waiting for a remote command......

You know Blake,almost everything i use is Open Source. You know what that means??? It's free! You do not need to steal it. Cool 'eh??
Of course you need to configure it first to make it work. Now if you have already problems to check what you are ripping of you might should consider staying away from the computer/scripting stuff.
I suggest in that case - with some humor - to turn into a pastry cook. If you screw up there it looks ugly but you still can eat it!!

If you write me a mail, I tell you where the scripts to get - FOR FREE, if you have problems to configure them, I'm glad to help.

If you rip off my page and think I don't see it I get plain and simple p i s s e d of. That's like some stranger walk into my house and takes a beer out of my fridge without asking.
I don't like that. I don't like it at all...... you would maybe not like that also.

I watch you now for 4 weeks. please stop that crap. The next time I catch you with the fingers in my cookie jar I slam it close......
I know where you sitting by a 1000 meters, other scripts "talk" more as the ones in the images below.... darn geek stuff, 'eh??

Orange Rhino.htm, Wheres the Money.htm, Rachel Chachel.htm huh?? Don't even know where your money is, huh???



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