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On Topic Dear Robby Gordon/RGM/Team Speed Dakar

J Burleson

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First off, from all your fans here on rdc and the rest of the world,congratulations on finishing another Dakar!
We all know that you don't go there to just finish, you go to win, but...

I think that I speak for most when I say that I was sad to hear you say, " I need to rethink my program. I doubt you will see me back here next year". I hope that it was purely an emotional statement in the heat of the moment. While we would all love to see you on the podium, we still enjoy following the year long effort that you and your team put forward to compete in Dakar. WE WOULD ALL BE PRETTY BUMMED IF YOU DIDNT RETURN NEXT YEAR!!! Your program has without a doubt brought many new fans to Dakar both stateside and beyond. I imagine it isn't always fun to read Dakar keyboard racers thoughts on what you need t do different(or maybe it is fun and funny lol) But I think the criticism from fans comes from a good place. That is just wanting to see you kick ass in Dakar!
So please, when rethinking your Dakar program, don't even have a "stay home" option.

Your Fans


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Klaus, can you post forum traffic data from the time period of this Dakar ? Would be interesting to see how it changed through the 2 weeks.

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I've followed Dakar for a long time. Robby Gordon and RGM give me a reason to really cheer for a team and follow along. I personally would be very sad to see them go, from everything I've seen over the past decade, I honestly think RG can do well at Dakar.

J Burleson

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Really just because it started with a congratulations on finishing Dakar. Unfortunately that didn't actually happen.


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They've been outclassed for the last several years. If they don't come back then they don't come back.